The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library was cited as "Today's Special" by International Law and Human Rights through the Doddel Server.

An excerpt from the jury's report:

"[...] the jury was especially pleased with the vast amount of human rights information provided in a concise and structured way. Many of the materials, amongst others the views by various human rights treaty bodies, have not been provided on the World-Wide Web before. Moreover, the plain and simple lay-out guarantees pleasant reading and fast loading. The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library is a forerunner in the field [...]"

The full text of the report can be picked up on July 5, 1996, between 11:30am and 12:00am at room 2105, University of Limburg, Bouillonstraat 3, Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Chris Ingelse,
Last modified: October 3, 1996

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