International Criminal Tribunals, ICTY / ICTR was cited as "Today's Special" by International Law and Human Rights through the Doddel Server.

An excerpt from the jury's report:

"[...] International Criminal Tribunals, ICTY / ICTR provides information about the actual functioning of international tribunals: the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the International Tribunal for Rwanda. In its judgment, the jury felt that a site, aiming for justice to the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and in the future - the UN willing - to the world community, should find the jury on its side.


The quality of the contents is outstanding: this site provides links to information about the tribunals' work and an archive of the tribunals' materials. Moreover, the information provided is up-to-the-minute. As a result, these pages, accesible for everyone, are very useful. Moreover, the title of the page suggests that the page-designers take their job seriously and plan to add information on possible future tribunals. As long as in some parts of the world a pickpocket has more chances to be brought to justice than an ethnic cleanser, an ICTA, ICTB, ICTC, D, E, and ICTWorld - unfortunately - have to be added sooner or later. The links to the proposed International Criminal Court are already in place. The jury values this incentive for action. Although the layout and structure of the pages could be made more attractive and friendly, the jury considered that these minor setbacks were decisively outbalanced by the many pros.

The initiative to present all this information on the Web, accessible for anyone is admirable. It should therefore be distinguished accordingly. The jury decided to award the site International Criminal Tribunals with the title of 'Today's special'."


Chris Ingelse,
Last modified: October 1, 1996

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