Public International Law by Francis Auburn was cited as "Today's Special" by International Law and Human Rights through the Doddel Server.

An excerpt from the jury's report:

"[This site] contains an extensive links collection (some 450 links) to legal information: from the United Nations and human rights through the sea to Australia. The pages are highly informative and are especially useful for the listing of sites by category, the presentation of detailed contents of sites linked to, and the numerous highly topical links (e.g. on human rights and specific situations). The format is attractive. The structure of main page and sub pages is logical and guarantees easy navigating. Moreover, rumors have it that there were some 13,000 hits from throughout the world in September only.


The Jury notes that the page-designer takes his job seriously, and it stresses the overall high quality of the site. The Jury nonetheless would like to mention a setback in order that the site may improve even further. The Jury felt somewhat uncomfortable with the heavy graphics used. Although it was pleased to find a link to a text-only version of the site, this option would be better to appear sooner. The text-only version seemed somewhat neglected: the Jury missed the neat categorization with sub-links as it was done at the main page.

The Jury considered that this minor setback was outbalanced by the many pros. The site should therefore be distinguished accordingly. The Jury decided to award the site 'Public International Law' with the distinguished title of 'Today's Special'."


Chris Ingelse,
Last modified: December 11, 1996

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